From Sketch to Stadium: The Journey of Argentina’s 2024 Copa America Jersey

Join us on an exciting journey as we discover Argentina’s 2024 Copa America jersey, from the artist’s sketchpad to the roaring crowds in the stadium. This jersey will definitely be sought after by fans all over the world, especially the Messi argentina jersey

The Design Process of the 2024 Copa America Jersey

The adidas Argentina 2024 jersey features the country’s traditional white and sky blue stripes combined with gold logos, applications and gold lettering.

The stripes of Argentina’s 2024 jersey are very classic, with a blue stripe in the middle and a white stripe containing the Adidas and AFA logos.

Argentina and adidas use a slightly updated three-star logo, with the third star positioned slightly higher than the two stars from the first World Cup.

In addition to aesthetics, functionality is also important in jersey design for professional athletes. The materials used are lightweight and durable, providing maximum breathability while playing on the court. We’ve paid special attention to creating a comfortable fit that allows you to move easily during the heat of the game.

After several revisions and approval from all stakeholders, the design was refined and ready for production. The prototype underwent rigorous testing to ensure it met all necessary standards before series production.

Symbolism and Meaning Behind the Design

The most distinctive feature of Argentina’s America’s Cup jersey is the blue and white stripes. These vertical stripes have been a consistent element in the team’s jerseys since they first wore them in 1910. Blue represents loyalty and white symbolizes peace and honesty – values ingrained in Argentinian culture. This symbolism also extends to the country’s flag, which bears the same colors.

Another key aspect of Argentina’s jersey design is the sun emblem. The logo has appeared on all Argentina jerseys since 1934 and holds great national significance. Known as «El Sol de Mayo» (The Sun of May), it represents independence and freedom – ideals highly valued by Argentinian society.

The design of Argentina’s Copa America jersey is deeply rooted in the country’s history and culture. It has also achieved considerable success, with the team winning two World Cups (1986 and 1978) and 14 Copa America titles while wearing this iconic striped design, making it a proud symbol for players and fans alike .

The design of Argentina’s Copa America jersey is more than just aesthetics – it represents the country’s values, traditions and football heritage. Every stripe and badge has significance, and the jersey truly embodies Argentina’s spirit on and off the field.


From sketch to pitch, Argentina’s journey in their new jersey captures our attention and ignites our passion for an unforgettable Copa America event. The combination of tradition and modernity, as well as the passion and unity it represents, make this jersey truly special.

We can’t wait to see Messi and his teammates put it on on the pitch and represent their country with pride and determination. Vamos Argentina!



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